I don’t have a degree yet I pay salaries of 100 people – Singer Davido’s manager Asika (video)

Singer Davido’s manager, Asa Asika, has said that he has no University degree but yet pays the salaries of 100 persons.

In an interview with money entrepreneur and author, Arese Ugwu, Asa said a lot of people did not take his job as an artiste manager seriously when he started, and tried to discourage him. 

He disclosed that even his cousin, Naeto C, tried to also discourage him as well. In his words;

‘’Even Naeto. Everyone’s story is different. Everyone’s path is different. People  always feel you have to go a certain way to get certain goals.

Without being condescending or like trying to sound corky. I have friends who have gone to school and have PhD who now work in 9-5 and are making peanuts. 

One of my companies pays 45 people salaries in a month and that is only one of the businesses I run. If I do the maths, I probably pay about 100 salaries in a month and I have no degree.”